Occupational Therapy Treatments

Functional task practice

What is functional task practice?

Functional task practice is important for anyone who has had a neurological injury or illness. You ability to carry out everyday functional task may have been affected, and if so, Access to Rehab can help. Working with our Occupational Therapists you will be supported to increase your independence in tasks that are important to you, through repetitive task practise and use of specific strategies to overcome difficulties. The provision of equipment may also help to increase your independence and safety within your environment. Access to Rehab are able to assess and recommend which items of equipment may be of benefit to you.

Who is suitable for functional task practice?

Anybody who has difficulty carrying out tasks that they were able to do before their injury or illness is suitable for functional task practice. Whether you have difficulty with aspects of managing your personal care (e.g washing and dressing), cannot manage to cook or have difficulty with community tasks such as shopping or visiting friends, we are able to help.

Cognitive rehabilitation

What is cognitive rehabilitation?

Cognitive rehabilitation attempts to enhance functioning and independence in individuals with cognitive impairments as a result of their neurological illness or injury. Access to Rehab are experts in identifying and treating difficulties with cognition (or ‘thinking skills’) and are able to provide a rehabilitation programme to address these issues and how they impact upon your everyday living. 

Who is cognitive rehabilitation suitable for?

Cognitive rehabilitation is suitable for anyone whose cognition, or thinking skills have been affected by their illness/injury. Some common difficulties are problems with memory, attention, formulation of knowledge, reasoning, problem-solving, planning and decision making.

Vocational Rehabilitation

What is vocational rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is a process which enables individuals  with functional, physical, psychological, cognitive, and emotional disabilities or impairments to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment or other useful occupation. Whether you are wishing to return to a previous work role, or wanting to explore new options for work, Access to Rehab are able to help. It is important to highlight the difficulties that you may have following your illness/injury so that these can be worked on or compensated for.

Who is vocational rehabilitation suitable for?

Vocational rehabilitation is suitable for anyone who wishes to explore returning to of finding alternative forms of work following a neurological illness or injury.