Neurological Treatments

At Access to Rehab we offer bespoke treatment packages that are tailored to your identified goals.

We are all clinical experts in the area of neurological rehabilitation so you can feel reassured you are receiving the best treatment available for you. Your treatment package might involve one, two or multiple professionals within our team depending on your requirements.  We have Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Assistants, as well as working closely with Speech Therapists and Clinical Psychologists. 

What Treatments do we offer?

Occupational Therapy Icon

Occupational Therapy Treatments

Functional / independence rehabilitation, Cognitive therapies, Vocational rehabilitation and Equipment Provision.

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Physiotherapy Treatments

Gait re-education, Balance re-education, Hydrotherapy / pool based therapy, Exercise based therapy and Maintenance programmes.

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Multi-Professional Treatments

Spasticity management, 24 hour postural programmes and Upper limb rehabilitation.