Occupational Therapy Assessment

What are functional task assessment’s?

Activity and participation limitations affect people with a neurological condition and their ability to engage in meaningful daily activities and valued life roles.  Functional task assessment relates to a task or acts that allows you to meet the demands of your environment and daily life. It is also an activity that is essential to support your physical, social, and psychological well-being, allowing you to function in society.

What will the assessment involve?

Occupational therapists are able to observe and assess you carrying out various tasks or activities that are important to you.  This rich information can then inform and guide specialist interventions to reduce such limitations and enhance wellbeing through purpose.  Sometimes the smallest or simplest change can bring about a significant difference in your ability to be able to do something. We are able to support you to identify what the main difficulties are and provide a detailed summary of this with options for you to consider.

What is a vocational assessment

A vocational assessment will gather information about your previous work, role and experience.  We will carry out a range of functional and standardised assessments to create a profile of your strengths and weaknesses, including skills around your ability to process a variety of information.  This profile can be used when looking at your job specification to provide detailed recommendations about any possible areas that would suggest areas of difficulty and need for intervention or adjustment.

What will the assessment involve?

The assessment will involve a combination of tests and observations to create your profile that will be used when looking at your specific job details and information.  Some of the tests will be pen and paper style and other assessments will be asking you to carry out certain tasks that you will be observed doing. All the information will be brought together to provide recommendations for areas to focus any intervention on and guidance for possible next steps will be given.  We are experienced in working with employers to support work and role adjustment to grade any return to work. If returning to your existing role with necessary adjustments is not an option we are experienced in networking with supportive voluntary work options or researching unique opportunities to meet your skills and passions.

What are cognitive or perceptual assessments?

Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.  It is the ability to bring together all that information and make sense of the whole picture beyond simply all its component parts.  Perception is the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. Occupational therapists are highly skilled in being able to assess aspects of your cognition and perception and interpret this so that it has meaning to your unique situation.  Often following a neurological impairment someone can experience changes in their cognition, perception or both. The process of assessment not only identifies where these areas of difficulty are but also where your strengths remain so that strategies can be used within a specific programme of intervention to reduce the impact these difficulties may have on you and your day to day functioning. 

What will the assessment involve?

The assessment may involve a one-off assessment or a series of tests and assessments to combine giving a profile of your current cognitive and perceptual difficulties and indeed areas of strength. Our Occupational therapists are specifically trained in an assessment tool that uses observations of you carrying out routine tasks to accurately describe where within the overall system of information processing you are finding problematic.  The assessment is called the Perceive, Recall, Plan and Perform task analysis and will provide clear recommendations and guidance on where to focus treatment and input you may wish to receive. This information can be useful for your own understanding, to share with family members to put words to what they see and also to give robust and valid data to enhance any legal report that may be required.  The assessment can also be used as an outcome measure to demonstrate any improvement or change.

What are home/equipment assessments?

People often find that following a neurological condition their home can create environmental barriers, making it difficult or unsafe to do things you need and want to do.  Access to your home in terms of steps and stairs doesn’t have to limit how you are getting in, out and around your home. Options are available to remove the difficulty these may create.  For others, the area of assessment may focus more on equipment needs to enable to you be assisted at home to move from one place to another, to bath or shower, to work in the kitchen or to carry out activities you wish such as gardening.

What will the assessment involve?

We will listen to what your area of difficulty is and assess your existing environmental layout in terms of dimensions, accessibility and consider short term or long term recommendations.  Any items or equipment you are currently using will be assessed and we will draw on our extensive knowledge for products and suppliers to make personal suggestions to meet your specific needs.