What Access to Rehab can offer you:

After we have arranged a convenient time for you to meet a member of the team we will visit you and start by hearing what your current situation is, what needs you may have and what goals you have. We will sometimes carry out a physical assessment to get a more detailed picture of where you may be having difficulties. We will then be able to suggest the next steps for you, any recommendations and work with you to agree a bespoke treatment plan; specifically designed to meet your needs to realise your potential. Our work with you may include some of the following:
-Assessment and treatment
-A thorough and expert assessment of your areas of difficulty
-Direct you towards services needed
-Recommend equipment providers and suppliers
-Working together to identify your goals and establish a unique and individualised plan to achieve them
-Support to navigate what can be a bewildering time of adjustment
-Support to address worries you and your family may have
-Provide advice tailored to your individual circumstances
-Provide advice to your family and carers
-Training for carers or family working with you
-Working to maximise your independence and involvement in everyday life